Cavan EP

by Gumbel

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--- Let us listen to ‘County Mindscape’, a gentle piece of warmly played electronic music, where melodic tones are waving into each other to create a county mindscape of its own. It takes perhaps a few listening sessions to get used to the some out of tune sounding tones that are used, but when you do you might think this is all part of nature. The music movement goes from bright to a bit of a dark tone and is absolute a well mended short beauty.

More secure is the next track called ‘Relaxing Hatreds’ which is an nice piece of electronic music that reminds me of the output of the famous Rephlex label. This is old school IDM in a absolute new fitting coat. Expect playful drum programming soaked in effects, beautiful melodies that are easily loveable and gives you a massage to remove all your hatred. Very nice!

The last track is a 12 minute electronic orgasm of pure music. It contains everything that is likeable, intelligent and original programming, very interesting music, drama, madness and powerful music and beautiful melodies. It starts perhaps a bit haunting but when half way the real madness infiltrates your ears, you will be absolutely thrilled. This track hits the jackpot in accomplishing a terrifieng and successful shock effect by transforming the attitude into pure electronic IDM – punk! think hyper speed beats, deep layers of base, insane vibes that makes guitar bands who tried to be punk look like losers in a corner. This is rougher than touch and when the music breaks down in a sinister powerful break, and marries angelic darkness to it, it is simply giving me the freaks.

Suddenly the music stops and a bright piano is played, a funny electronic bleeb and a perfect orchestrated vocal part that seeks opera recognition is an absolute mind boggling moment.
From punk, it turns out to be funny and before I can get used to the smile on my face, the artist has kidnapped my ears yet again in a rolling beat extravaganza! This explodes in a pure orgasm for electronica lovers, as a beautiful rocky vibe takes over with an actual guitar sounding instrument that sings in the night. This is a totally amazing track that is full of surprises and above all just an great overload of musical skills. The ending is beautiful with a classical melodic electronic happy ending. Really a must have, if you are seeking for electronic music that combines sweetness, with punk, IDM with opera and surprises you in every minute with pure class!
Definitely a must have free release that you should download. ---."".


released December 12, 2012



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Gumbel Spain

Tonto pasado,
pobre futuro.

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